Top Ten Reasons to Bring your Dog on your Summer Activities

The first day of summer is right around the corner, on June 20th to be exact. With that brings a number of summer activities from going camping, picnics in the park, trips to local farmers markets, cooling off at the beach, and backyard barbecues. The summer is a great time to plan much needed vacations with the family and create lifelong memories with children and teens who have the summer off from school. One member of the family that is eager to participate in the fun and should not be ignored and left behind, is the family dog! Are you on the fence as to whether or not you should take Fido on your summer trip or activities? The following are the top ten reasons to convince you.


  1. Dogs make for reliable, loving, and enjoyable company without crying “Are we there yet?”
  2. You will not have to waste money on a dog sitter or housing your dog at a local shelter or expensive kennel.
  3. Pets, especially dogs, are a great conversation piece. If you have trouble meeting new people, your dog may be the best thing to break the ice with locals.
  4. Camping or find yourself in a strange, isolated, maybe scary location? A dog, even a tiny Chihuahua, can serve as a great guard dog or repellant from larger prey or strangers.
  5. Find yourself getting bored on that long stretch of highway during your road trip? Never fear, your dog can always serve as great company that always listens when you speak to it.
  6. Traveling with restless children? The family dog can serve as a companion and entertainment for your kids while on the road.
  7. Your car broke down in the middle of an unknown or unsafe looking part of an unfamiliar city? Your dog can serve as protection and make you or your family feel safe. Criminals are less likely to bother someone who has a dog within site.
  8. Is your trip stressing you out? Delayed flights? Flat tires? Hotel rooms not ready? Cranky kids? Having your lovable dog along for the trip can actually serve as an excellent stress reliever.
  9. Have you eaten too much of the delicious local cuisine on your vocation and feel as though you have gained some weight? Bringing your dog a long for the ride is a great excuse to get some exercise by taking it for a walk or by playing in the park.
  10. Having the responsibility and keeping the routine of taking care of your dog is a great way to stay grounded especially when you are in a foreign unknown area. It brings a sense of normality.


Now are you convinced on the benefits of taking your dog along with you during your summer activities? As you begin to make your summer plans, that include the family pet always make sure to be a responsible dog owner by being prepared. Make sure to always bring a collar, leash, treats, toys, water to keep them hydrated, and of course dog poop bags, such as the bags sold by

To Treat or not to Treat

That is indeed an important question in regard to man’s best friend.
We all like to reward our dog from time to time. However there are some “treats” that are anything but.
Avoid the following treats that look quite harmless at first glance.
Avocado, chocolate, caffeine, grapes and raisins, ice cream, onions, salty things, raw or uncooked meat and fish. To name but a few.
Also beware of commercial treats which contain preservatives, colouring and chemicals.
Healthy, homemade treats are the better option. Try and include oatmeal, canola oil, oat flour and chicken broth.
Peanut butter and (cooked) eggs are good for your dog’s coat and parsley is good for eliminating “doggy breath”.
Make sure you do your research on which fruits are good. A banana in the morning is a good way to start the day.
Remember Trick or Treat is a daily occurrence for your dog ; not just a fun night for you kids in October.

You and Your Dog Pt 2

I’m sure you’ve all been told at one time or another, “Take that hang dog look off your face”.  Usually said when you’ve been found with your hand in the cookie jar.
Well your dog quite often will have that look. Especially when he’s been scolded.  And research shows us that more often than not he will exhibit that look when NOT guilty.  Strangely, the more innocent he is, the guiltier he looks.
Even though your dog may love to snooze by the fire or on your lap.  The average dog needs one to two hours of exercise a day.  If given the correct diet your dog will have endless energy.
If deprived of that exercise, he may release it in other more destructive ways.  It is not difficult to figure out how much and what kind of exercise your dog needs.  So get off the couch, grab a ball and take Rover to the nearest Dog Park.  The exercise will do you both good.
Just like us, teeth care for your dog is so important and if not done properly can lead to diseases other than tooth decay.  A regular inspection plus proper care is vital.  If your dog is well trained, you can do this yourself, with regular brushing, tartar removal and yes, to avoid the dreaded doggie breath a mouth rinse.  There is also a variety of treats that help in tooth maintenance. Of course, don’t forget to have your Vet. check your dog when you take him in for a check up; professional cleaning may be warranted from time to time.  All this will result in a healthy happy dog.

You and your dog.

Health Problems
Separation Anxiety was once thought to occur only in young children.  Did you know however, that many dogs suffer from this disease; that being left alone in the house for long periods of time causes great anxiety.  Anxiety that is usually displayed by scratches on the door, pillows strewn all over the floor or furniture damaged.
Dealing with this begins early in the life of your puppy.  Of course there are short term pharmacological solutions available from your Vet.
However, training and discipline are paramount, as is consistency.  The puppy must learn to entertain himself and  not expect to be constantly played with.
Only good behaviour should be rewarded.  Try and teach your puppy to be calm and patient.  Above all be consistent.  That includes all members of the family.
You will then have a dog who is quite content to be left alone.
Like cats and dogs
Why does your dog have trouble making friends with your cat?
When your dog lies on his back he is being submissive.  When he wags his tale he is excited or happy.  But your cat on her back is in a fighting position.  Her tail swishing is a sign of anger or frustration.  So when Rover sees Molly on her back, she is not inviting a friendly welcome.  Far from it . . .
Dr. Rover
Not only can your dog be a useful adjunct to the healing process, which is why dogs are routinely brought into hospitals.  Dogs have shown an uncanny ability to “sniff “out disease.  Anecdotal and empirical evidence has proven this.  Just recently in Baltimore, Heidi, a black shepherd-lab mix was able to discover cancerous tumours in her owners lungs.  And in a German hospital researchers have found that dogs can smell a large range of organic compounds that show the human body is not functioning properly and thus can detect early signs of cancer and diabetes.

Dog Poop Scooping Etiquette

As a dog owner I’m often on the front line of the poop scoop battle. When I see my dog doing her business I’m ready to scoop and would never consider otherwise. Instinctively I gather my courage, pull out a bag and hold my breath.

What never ceases to amaze me are dog owners who don’t practice proper etiquette and take care of scooping their dog’s waste. These people don’t seem to have a feeling of responsibility to the community or respect for others however maybe it’s just because they’re miss informed…

While I highly doubt that you are one of those at fault for this problem, but if you are then here are some reasons to change your ways:

  • Dog waste can make other dogs sick

    – Most parasites and other dog to dog transmitted diseases are transferred via their poop. These illnesses can cause sickness or even death in other dogs so it’s important to use that poop bag and throw it away.

  • Dog poo can make people sick

    – Many parasites which dogs can become carriers of are transmitted through their fecal matter and can be infect people when they come in contact with it. Two examples of these parasites are Hookworms and Tapeworms. Quite often our dogs are pooping in high traffic areas such as parks and walkways. These areas frequently have children playing and even if a poo is mainly washed away by rain or other weather the parasites and eggs can still remain and can transfer to those poor unsuspecting children.

  • It’s obnoxious

    of you to not take care of your poop scooping responsibilities and other dog owners will take note. Sometimes when you’re at a park and busy talking to fellow canine enthusiasts you can loose track of your dog and not see them pooing. If you happen to be on the other side of this equation and see a poopy situation which the owner misses then I feel it’s proper etiquette to let them know and if you happen to offer them a dog poop bag if you happen to have extras.

  • Dog poop smells

    – Sorry for the simplicity of this point but I had to throw it in.

I hope this post will inspire some people to start scooping responsibly and if you’re one of those who already does then I hope it gives you some ammunition to tell of that irresponsible owner 🙂

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Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. The family coming together, the football…ok who are we kidding, the food!! And at SitStay, we and our amazing customers treat our dogs like part of the family, because they are. So we want to make sure our dogs have a delicious and more importantly a safe Thanksgiving.

Every year all over America, hopeful dogs are hoping to get some of those yummy Thanksgiving table scraps or handouts. From turkey to cranberries and everything in between it’s important to know what you can and cannot give your dog.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular items that make up the good, the bad and the dangerous items for your dog at Thanksgiving. We’ve also added healthy alternatives that we recommend more than these items. 

You want to make sure a great day isn’t turned into a visit to an emergency vet clinic.

The Bad and Dangerous Dog Foods and Hazards at Thanksgiving:


A good rule of thumb is to not give the dog anything from the table.
It’s important to be careful because anything out of their ordinary diet can trigger dangerous gastrointestinal infections (GI) or pancreatitis. Fatty foods, the heart of any of traditional Thanksgiving meal can specifically trigger pancreatitis. Be aware of your dog. If they are vomiting, acting lethargic and / or experiencing abdominal pain could signal that there may be a problem.

Try Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner instead


Turkey skin is a high fatty food, and as previously stated could cause problems. But turkey skin is also dangerous because it can absorb spices, marinade, butter and oils that can also lead to pancreatitis. Keep turkey skin out of your dog’s Thanksgiving diet.

Try Love Bird’s Chicken and Turkey Jerky instead


Cooked or Uncooked, all poultry bones (chicken and turkey) are especially dangerous to dogs. Poultry bones can splinter and cause all sorts of extremely dangerous problems. Not only can they splinter and puncture the intestines or stomach, but they also can cause obstructions in the intestine which will mean that your dog will need emergency surgery. Surgery is a best case, a bone can splinter and block the airway causing death. It’s imperative to dispose of your bones safely and appropriately.

Try Jones Natural Bones instead


Ever heard of “Macadamia Nut Toxosis”? Its a condition dogs can get when they eat macadamia nuts or walnuts, causing them to be unable to stand and inducing vomiting, tremors, fever, weakness and an elevated heart rate. This condition usually goes away but can lead to shock and even death. Keep dogs away from all nuts.

Try Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Buddy Biscuits instead


You’ll hear that sweet potatoes or pumpkin are OK to serve your dog. But, stay far away if they are spiced with nutmeg. Nutmeg can cause a dog central nervous problems, seizures and in some cases can even cause death. If you’re using this spice don’t let your dog near the foods that contain nutmeg.

Try Pumpkin Patch Vegan Treats instead


Dough can actually rise in your dogs stomach! Yikes. This can obviously cause abdominal pain. But dough can also contain raw eggs, which can contain harmful Salmonella. This is the same reason why you should not egg raw dough either.

Try Holiday Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuits instead


While white turkey meat can be ok, the net that turkeys come wrapped in can cause trouble to your dog. Obviously you’re not going to serve your dog a turkey net but if a dog gets into the trash they can ingest the netting which can cause an obstruction or blockage which can lead to surgery.

Try the Buster Cube to keep them busy


As we just described, the trashcan can be a real danger. Full of good smells (to a dog) they can explore the trash can and get in it. If they get into the trash we will have no idea what he or she may have consumed while we’re busy cooking or entertaining.

Use the IQ Treat Ball to keep them busy


It’s best just to keep your dog out of the kitchen. While we’re running around trying to cook a million dishes, the dog may accidently get tangled in our feet and trip up the cook. A little stumble can spill hot grease or other hot dishes and leave a nasty burn on the dog and on us.
Even if the food doesn’t land on the pet directly, the dog is able to quickly scarf up the piping hot food and burn his mouth. If possible, keep the dog out of the kitchen.

Use the Orbee-Tuff Mazee Ball to keep them busy


Family in and out of the house all day long can create quite a commotion, something different that what the dogs may be used to. If your dog has the kind of personality that they can get agitated with such craziness, do them a favor and find her a quiet place for her to be, so she doesn’t get too scared.

Try the Thundershirt to keep your dog calm

Ok, enough of bad news…let’s move on to the good fun stuff for your dog’s Thanksgiving. 

The Good Dog Thanksgiving: 


Don’t let the “sweet” label fool you. Sweet potatoes are full of fiber, vitamins and carotenoids and are actually healthier than regular potatoes. If you want to share sweet potatoes with your dog, set some aside without any salt or butter on them.
Sweet potatoes are good as long as they ARE PLAIN. We already reported that nutmeg is bad, but do not serve sweet potatoes with sugar and butter either. Plain sweet potatoes should be the only option for your dog.
You can share a small can of sweet potatoes with your pup and give them their own version of Thanksgiving.

Try Plato EOS Turkey and Sweet Potato Treats


Turkey has always been the main event of the Thanksgiving meal. Your dog can eat some lean, cooked white meat, just try not to go overboard. Keep them away from the fattier dark meat which can cause dangerous pancreatitis. 

Try Nature Variety’s Turkey Stew


Fresh, raw carrots have always been an ideal snack for dogs. Dogs love the sweet taste and carrots are loaded with vitamins, fiber and potassium. Carrots can even be good for your dog’s dental health. They aid in removing plaque from teeth and help keep your pooch’s breath fresh. Offer them served raw, before you add any butter or salt. 

Try Sam’s Yams Hoppin Good Carrot Cruchies


Low in calories, raw green beans make another great healthy snack for your dog. Green beans are loaded with nutritious vitamins, minerals and fiber. Like carrots, offer them raw before they find their way into a green-bean casserole. 

Try Wet Noses Peas and Carrots Dog Treats


Full of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, cranberries are great for dogs. In addition, they’re well-known for helping maintain healthy urinary tracts. On Thanksgiving, if you’re making cranberry sauce from scratch with fresh fruit, feel free to share. But Note: Do not give the canned cranberry sauce and jellied cranberry sauce to your dog, they are full of sugar and should not be given to pets.

Try Turkey and Cranberry Dog Treats


Pumpkin is good for dogs to eat not only because it’s low in calories and bursting with vitamins, beta carotene and fiber, but also because it helps with a dog’s digestion. Pumpkin is great if your dog is suffering from an upset stomach, diarrhea or constipation. If you’re using canned pumpkin for your pie, though, it’s better not to share it with your family dog. The processed stuff isn’t healthy for dogs like fresh pumpkin is.

Try Plato EOS Turkey and Pumpkin Dog Treats


Brussels sprouts are rich in fiber and vitamins, and they also boast cancer-fighting properties that can benefit your dog. You can feed brussels sprouts to your pet as a snack raw or cooked, but make sure it does not contain salt, butter or any other dressing. Also Note: Offer them in moderation, too many brussels sprouts can lead to diarrhea.

Try Dynamo Dog Pumpkin and Ginger Dog Treats

That should be a big enough list to keep your dog both happy and safe at Thanksgiving. Be sure to sign up for our Good Dog Newsletter and get an instant discount! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our amazing customers and their dogs!  


Do you own biodegradable dog poop bags? 

Let’s go over a few reasons why you should consider it.

The problem of dog waste is nothing new. In fact, in many towns and cities have recently passed local ordinances making it mandatory to clean up after your pet. It is for this reason that biodegradable dog poop bags have become important for pet owners, property owners and municipalities alike.

If you are like us, you assumed ALL poop bags were biodegradable in landfills, but surprise, they aren’t. You can help improve your support of mother earth by converting to these bags ASAP.

There are many advantages to using these types of bags, and the following are a few of them.


They are simple for pet owners to use / carry

They’re easy to carry and support a large “load” so any dog can them. If you have more than one pet or anticipate needing more than one bag for a single dog they come in a convenient roll with perforated edges, so they can be torn off the roll in a similar manner to trash bags. For pet owners with a large yard, these bags are perfect for cleaning up after your pets on your own property.

They even have a carrying case available too.


They are convenient for business and government use

Dispensers for biodegradable dog poop bags are perfect for municipalities and businesses. If you maintain a public park where dogs are allowed on leashes, you can mount one or more bag dispensers in strategic locations. Pet owners can simply take a bag when they enter the park and clean up after their dog. This keeps the park clean and hygienic for everyone.


They help keep the environment clean

By using biodegradable dog poop bags, the environment is protected from the nitrogen content in your dog’s waste that depletes the oxygen in the water system. By using dog poop bags, you are protecting the water supply, and therefore the entire ecosystem. Your dog’s waste also contains harmful bacteria that can cause serious sickness in people. Immediate and proper disposal using poop bags helps to prevent the transmission of disease. In addition, because these bags are biodegradable, you are not harming the landfill. Plain, plastic bags do not degrade for hundreds of years.

Whether you are an individual, business or government department, you will find that biodegradable dog poop bags are both useful and valuable to you and your community. They are easy to buy and are available on the Internet. One example of high quality dog poop bags are those  Discount Dog Poop Bags with easy to tie handle. This is large enough for any size dog. Dispensers are available for these bags as well.

The great thing about GreenLine biodegradable dog poop bags is that they are the very first biodegradable poop bags designed to biodegrade in landfills. This bag is proven to be biodegradable using ASTM D5511, the industry standard for determining biodegradability of plastic in an anaerobic waste disposal environment (aka landfill).

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