Pick the right Poop Bags


We love our pets. But we don’t like the poop from them, right?  Leaving your pets’ poop lying everywhere in the home poses a risk to your health and therefore an adequate dog waste management and disposal method needs to be adopted by you as the pet owner.  With the advent of poop bags, I don’t think there’s an excuse of leaving your faithful animal friend pooping everywhere around the homestead.

  • Choosing the right type

Which type of a poop bag is the most appropriate for you?  In order to reach a decision on which type of poop bag you’ll purchase, you should be able to know whether you are going to use it at home in the event of an accident or when you are walking your dog at the park.

  • Factors to consider

Before buying that poop bag for your dog, you must consider the following factors.

  • Type of material

Some dog poop bags are made of plastic which is non-biodegradable and others are made of material that is more environmentally friendly.

  • Thickness

How thick the material is will determine your convenience especially when taking your dog for a walk.

  • Odor

Dog poop obviously has a foul smell so you wouldn’t want to carry around a stinking mess when on a walk. Some dog poop bags are scented to conceal the bad odor.

  • Types of dog poop bags

Yes they also come in different types and they vary according to their environmental friendliness and convenience for each dog owner.

  • Handle or No Handle

Bags can come in 2 styles; with tie handles or no handle. This can be important when picking up the poop.

  • Unscented

These are made of any material but the most common thing is that they are not popular because of the stink that is likely to be a put off.

  • Scented

Are you one of those who like to take a walk along with their pets? Then these ones are for you. They are usually laced with a fresh powdered scent so as to mask the odor from the poop.

  • Dispenser bags

These bags consist of a unique hook on the back that makes them convenient to carry along.

So there you are. Whatever your choice of a poop bag, the underlying thing is that proper disposal should be a priority in order to protect the environment and your health from adverse effects that dog poop can bring. Next time, try and consider using discount dog poop bags as a option




You and your dog.

Health Problems
Separation Anxiety was once thought to occur only in young children.  Did you know however, that many dogs suffer from this disease; that being left alone in the house for long periods of time causes great anxiety.  Anxiety that is usually displayed by scratches on the door, pillows strewn all over the floor or furniture damaged.
Dealing with this begins early in the life of your puppy.  Of course there are short term pharmacological solutions available from your Vet.
However, training and discipline are paramount, as is consistency.  The puppy must learn to entertain himself and  not expect to be constantly played with.
Only good behaviour should be rewarded.  Try and teach your puppy to be calm and patient.  Above all be consistent.  That includes all members of the family.
You will then have a dog who is quite content to be left alone.
Like cats and dogs
Why does your dog have trouble making friends with your cat?
When your dog lies on his back he is being submissive.  When he wags his tale he is excited or happy.  But your cat on her back is in a fighting position.  Her tail swishing is a sign of anger or frustration.  So when Rover sees Molly on her back, she is not inviting a friendly welcome.  Far from it . . .
Dr. Rover
Not only can your dog be a useful adjunct to the healing process, which is why dogs are routinely brought into hospitals.  Dogs have shown an uncanny ability to “sniff “out disease.  Anecdotal and empirical evidence has proven this.  Just recently in Baltimore, Heidi, a black shepherd-lab mix was able to discover cancerous tumours in her owners lungs.  And in a German hospital researchers have found that dogs can smell a large range of organic compounds that show the human body is not functioning properly and thus can detect early signs of cancer and diabetes.