As a dog owner I’m often on the front line of the poop scoop battle. When I see my dog doing her business I’m ready to scoop and would never consider otherwise. Instinctively I gather my courage, pull out a bag and hold my breath.

What never ceases to amaze me are dog owners who don’t practice proper etiquette and take care of scooping their dog’s waste. These people don’t seem to have a feeling of responsibility to the community or respect for others however maybe it’s just because they’re miss informed…

While I highly doubt that you are one of those at fault for this problem, but if you are then here are some reasons to change your ways:

  • Dog waste can make other dogs sick

    – Most parasites and other dog to dog transmitted diseases are transferred via their poop. These illnesses can cause sickness or even death in other dogs so it’s important to use that poop bag and throw it away.

  • Dog poo can make people sick

    – Many parasites which dogs can become carriers of are transmitted through their fecal matter and can be infect people when they come in contact with it. Two examples of these parasites are Hookworms and Tapeworms. Quite often our dogs are pooping in high traffic areas such as parks and walkways. These areas frequently have children playing and even if a poo is mainly washed away by rain or other weather the parasites and eggs can still remain and can transfer to those poor unsuspecting children.

  • It’s obnoxious

    of you to not take care of your poop scooping responsibilities and other dog owners will take note. Sometimes when you’re at a park and busy talking to fellow canine enthusiasts you can loose track of your dog and not see them pooing. If you happen to be on the other side of this equation and see a poopy situation which the owner misses then I feel it’s proper etiquette to let them know and if you happen to offer them a dog poop bag if you happen to have extras.

  • Dog poop smells

    – Sorry for the simplicity of this point but I had to throw it in.

I hope this post will inspire some people to start scooping responsibly and if you’re one of those who already does then I hope it gives you some ammunition to tell of that irresponsible owner 🙂

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