Preparing Your Dog For Autumn


The air is beginning to cool, the trees are changing color, a new school year is in session, Football is on TV again, the days are getting shorter, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte has returned to Starbucks – all of these signs are indicating summer is nearing its end, and Autumn is on the horizon. While summer presents its own set of hazards and issues for people and their beloved four-legged friends, such as heatstroke and dehydration, Fall presents another array of challenges that dog owners need to prepare for.


Luckily, Fall doesn’t officially arrive until September 22nd (Or if you are reading this after, you can still easily use this list to help make adjustments in the care of your pet.) which gives you plenty of time to educate yourself, family, or friends. The following list can help remind you of things to prepare for in order to keep Fido safe, healthy, and with a wagging tail all through the Fall season.


You may want to hibernate, but you!


Staying indoors next to a warm fire, enjoying hot cider all through the Autumn may sound pretty appealing, but your canine friend still needs to get out and exercise!


  • Do not neglect to take your dog on frequent walks. Dogs can go stir crazy just like people, so do not keep them locked inside for too long. They long for the fresh air!
  • Take in the beautiful scenery. Dog parks and hiking trails are a great place to walk your dogs during this time of year.
  • Lack of consistent exercise is unhealthy for dogs and will cause changes in their temperament.
  • Fill that water bowl! It may not be summer anymore, but your animal still needs plenty of water to function properly. Keep your pup hydrated!


Keep up their appointments and checkups!


Fall is a time we often get relaxed on the proper care of our dogs, so make sure to keep up their vet checkups and grooming appointments!


  • Keep a regular grooming schedule for your special 4-legged friend. If they spent a considerable amount of time outdoors during the summer, you should definitely check out their skin, coat, paws, and the rest of their body.
  • Don’t forget to keep those toenails trimmed, long toenails are extremely uncomfortable for our dogs. But be careful, trimming them can be an             uncomfortable experience for your pup. Many vets will perform this grooming routine free of charge, just call your local clinic to find out.
  • Fall can be notorious for Fleas, Ticks, and Other Pests who love to latch on and stow away in your dog’s fur. Make sure to thoroughly check them regularly. Ticks can cause illnesses and even paralysis in canines. If your dog is acting strange, but you cannot find any pesky culprits, call your vet to be on the safe side.


Fall dangers to keep your dog safe from!


Having your lovable pet get hurt or sick will easily ruin your holiday cheer, so keep them safe from the following dangers!


  • Toxic items your dog should avoid!
    • Pesticides and Rodenticides- Fall brings with it an onslaught of pesky insects and rodents that we often use dangerous poisons to kill, but they are also often toxic to our pets! If you must spray poison or lay traps in your home, double check to make sure your dog cannot get to it!
    • Mushrooms love the chilly weather of Fall! It’s estimated that 1% of all mushrooms are toxic, now, that may not seem like very many – but there are at least 10,000 known species of mushrooms in the U.S. alone! Deciphering between toxic and non-toxic mushrooms is nearly impossible. Avoid this potential hazard all together and do not let your dog near them!
    • Fall breeds many beautiful flowers and plants, and several of them are also toxic to our dogs. Acorns, Azaleas, Conkers (Horse Chestnuts), Oak, Daffodils, and Tulips, among others, are extremely poisonous to dogs. If ingested they can cause a number of issues ranging from blood clots, bloody stool, liver damage, constipation, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting, and even in worst case scenarios: death.
    • Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI) is a mysterious illness that is known to be fatal to dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages normally between the months of August through November. Unfortunately for owners, there’s no preventive methods to keep your dog safe from SCI, it should be noted however that most dogs have contracted the illness after being walked through woodland areas. Warning signs include sluggishness and diarrhea for 72 hours.


  • Seasonal Foods- seasonal foods may be delicious and savory to us, but can be toxic, unpleasant, or healthy for our dogs. These can include chocolate and other candy,           grapes, rich and fatty foods like Turkey or Chicken Skin, and cheeses. You may want to give your adorable dog some table scraps,            but just stick to their dog food and recommended treats!


  • Daylight Savings Time- We all are excited to gain another hour of sleep… but, that means less daylight, which also means less time to complete our daily activities and chores. Be careful if you end up walking your rambunctious fur-ball at night when visibility is bad and they could run in front of oncoming traffic.


  • Keep the Garage Off Limits- You may choose to allow your outside dog access to the garage as Fall gets colder, but be warned: automobile and other chemicals normally we often store in our garage are extremely dangerous for our animals. Antifreeze for instance, tastes sweet to canines but will crystallize and cause Kidney failure!


Most importantly remember to always make time for your pup this season. Our dogs are an important part of our family – they are unwaveringly loyal, love us unconditionally, and do not ask for much in return – so show your love for them by making an effort to include them in your family plans and day-to-day activities. If you’d like to find more helpful tidbits on the care of your canine friend and or find out where you can order quality dog poop bags, visit today!