The first day of summer is right around the corner, on June 20th to be exact. With that brings a number of summer activities from going camping, picnics in the park, trips to local farmers markets, cooling off at the beach, and backyard barbecues. The summer is a great time to plan much needed vacations with the family and create lifelong memories with children and teens who have the summer off from school. One member of the family that is eager to participate in the fun and should not be ignored and left behind, is the family dog! Are you on the fence as to whether or not you should take Fido on your summer trip or activities? The following are the top ten reasons to convince you.


  1. Dogs make for reliable, loving, and enjoyable company without crying “Are we there yet?”
  2. You will not have to waste money on a dog sitter or housing your dog at a local shelter or expensive kennel.
  3. Pets, especially dogs, are a great conversation piece. If you have trouble meeting new people, your dog may be the best thing to break the ice with locals.
  4. Camping or find yourself in a strange, isolated, maybe scary location? A dog, even a tiny Chihuahua, can serve as a great guard dog or repellant from larger prey or strangers.
  5. Find yourself getting bored on that long stretch of highway during your road trip? Never fear, your dog can always serve as great company that always listens when you speak to it.
  6. Traveling with restless children? The family dog can serve as a companion and entertainment for your kids while on the road.
  7. Your car broke down in the middle of an unknown or unsafe looking part of an unfamiliar city? Your dog can serve as protection and make you or your family feel safe. Criminals are less likely to bother someone who has a dog within site.
  8. Is your trip stressing you out? Delayed flights? Flat tires? Hotel rooms not ready? Cranky kids? Having your lovable dog along for the trip can actually serve as an excellent stress reliever.
  9. Have you eaten too much of the delicious local cuisine on your vocation and feel as though you have gained some weight? Bringing your dog a long for the ride is a great excuse to get some exercise by taking it for a walk or by playing in the park.
  10. Having the responsibility and keeping the routine of taking care of your dog is a great way to stay grounded especially when you are in a foreign unknown area. It brings a sense of normality.


Now are you convinced on the benefits of taking your dog along with you during your summer activities? As you begin to make your summer plans, that include the family pet always make sure to be a responsible dog owner by being prepared. Make sure to always bring a collar, leash, treats, toys, water to keep them hydrated, and of course dog poop bags, such as the bags sold by