I’m sure you’ve all been told at one time or another, “Take that hang dog look off your face”.  Usually said when you’ve been found with your hand in the cookie jar.
Well your dog quite often will have that look. Especially when he’s been scolded.  And research shows us that more often than not he will exhibit that look when NOT guilty.  Strangely, the more innocent he is, the guiltier he looks.
Even though your dog may love to snooze by the fire or on your lap.  The average dog needs one to two hours of exercise a day.  If given the correct diet your dog will have endless energy.
If deprived of that exercise, he may release it in other more destructive ways.  It is not difficult to figure out how much and what kind of exercise your dog needs.  So get off the couch, grab a ball and take Rover to the nearest Dog Park.  The exercise will do you both good.
Just like us, teeth care for your dog is so important and if not done properly can lead to diseases other than tooth decay.  A regular inspection plus proper care is vital.  If your dog is well trained, you can do this yourself, with regular brushing, tartar removal and yes, to avoid the dreaded doggie breath a mouth rinse.  There is also a variety of treats that help in tooth maintenance. Of course, don’t forget to have your Vet. check your dog when you take him in for a check up; professional cleaning may be warranted from time to time.  All this will result in a healthy happy dog.